Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Misanthrope becomes an Optimist

It's funny how your perspective changes the more and more exposure you have to the same thing. For months - a couple of years even - I had sat on the subway, and when chance came I found myself on the subway car with a man of amazing heart but limited ability. This not-so-genteel gentleman carries his amplifier with him and he strums on his guitar with almost inaudible words and scratches from the tool at his side. However, I've recently found his music to be quite soothing, and have even found myself handing over money to this man who I had previously found ridiculous. I think in a city like New York, it becomes a necessity to have extra faith in humanity, otherwise you lose faith in everything, and watch before you the downfall of society. I think I can hang on for a little bit longer, now that I at least have the faith to have some faith.